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Hi I am Stefania, but you can call me Stix, I am 35 years old, I live in Milan and in my ordinary life I am an in-house lawyer for one of the most important multinational companies in the world based in London. I am an extremely solar, gregarious, fun and enterprising person. Well... basically.. All of my hobbies have to do with sports and travelling, and in some cases the two things blend together, like when I go hiking, for example. I am an experienced traveler because I had the great luck of having my parents taking me around Europe in camper vans since I was born. We stayed away for weeks at a time, living in each country as if we were locals. Above all, they taught me how to handle any kind of hiccups or unexpected events that may always happen in the life of an adventurous traveler. The important thing is to know how to cope with them, and they definitely have taught me that well. to me, wandering is the ultimate expression of freedom and in fact since I turned sixteen I began solo traveling of course... out of Europe and since then I have not stopped and never will I ... My approach to travel is organizing as many stopovers as possible in order to explore and get to know the places and people of the territory better. Over the years many people, friends and outsiders, have relied on me many times. I found this very spirit again in the Weroad trip I took through Vietnam. I said, "Okay! This is my thing. Backpacking and I am good to go!