Sara Federica Lombardo

Vive a Milan
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Hi I'm Sara, I work as project manager, DJ and performer. For several years I have been living as a nomad in the world moving every 2/3 years after deeply exploring a place. I have a little dog named Neon that I love very much who has become a faithful travel companion for the past 3 years. I love meeting new people and creating human relationships that can enrich me and open my mind. I love traveling and for me every new place I visit is like opening a drawer in our consciousness that is still unexplored, for me traveling and getting to know new cultures is the best way to open the mind and learn to know ourselves better. I really enjoy being the in group and working in groups because I think teamwork and involving everyone is the best strategy. I also really like music and i like all genres, tribal, electronic, jazz and I also really like dancing. In fact, I have cultivated this great passion of mine as a DJ. I love nature and sports, both water and mountain., I really enjoy skiing sailing, surfing, climbing and tennis, but I am always open to try new sports. I especially like it when the sport gives you a chance to immerse yourself in nature and its elements. For example, I had a wonderful trip to Patagonia where I was able to see landscapes and place while trekking and doing canoe on the among the local rivers and mountains, wonderful and I look forward to seeing many more places with you.