Edoardo Maria Lanfranchi

Vive a Milan
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hi guys i'm Edoardo, i'm 32 years old from Milan. i am a purchasing manager in the family company where i work since 2013 so almost 10years. i love to have a busy life, i love when after a day at the office i know i have to get ready for a beer or a dinner with friends. i love to have several groups of friends, specifically from different trips i made in my life. i still see old friends met years ago far before covid stop, and are the most precious friends because we share the same ideas of travels. we like the same things, we can have a easy drink together sharing memories and in a second is a fantastic night. i can't wait to meet more of these kind of people from Italy, from Milan and from all over the world. i love animals, i have a fantastic dog, a Jack Russell, and i used to have cats too. when i can in the weekend i love to stay in the nature, if i can walk that's fine, or i love to bike (i do have an entry level bike for street endurance) even if im still skilling my techniques, and i love to climb. i have a fantastic house in the dolomites, close to Marmolada, where i love to go when i can even if is far away from milan, but even if i go around in the world that is the place for me to be happy. those who i love, my dog, a fire in the night to make atmosphere after a fantastic walk in the mountains. that's the way to happiness!