Welcome to WeRoad Island, which is Corfu - but for us it will always be WeRoad Island.

Coordinators coming from all over the world (which, for now, is only Italy, Spain and UK): rejoice! We are waiting for you to come to our very island, WeRoad Island, which happens to be Corfu. It will be the first Global Reunion, an incredible event during which all communities will finally meet in person. Expect a weekend full of adventures, dances, hugs, sunsets (well, just three, but it will be enough), and experiences. Are you ready to have the best weekend of your life?

What are we going to do during these 3 days in Corfu?


Arriving on WeRoad Island

Consider this the warm-up: we’ll wait for everybody to arrive, settle in, have a chat with people we haven’t seen in what seems like forever, grab a beer and watch the sunset. Once we’re all in Corfu, we move towards Corfu Town where we’ll have our first dinner together, discovering Greek cuisine - Greek food is amazing, as some of you may already know (at the end of the day, Greece was one of our top destinations of the summer!) Then, prepare for the first night together - it will be a blast, as always!


WeRoad Awards Night

Today we’ll split up into groups and do the activities that you picked for the day (please remember to fill up the survey below!). It will be a relaxing day at the beach for some, or an adventurous hike for others - we suggest you pick an adventure, of course! Whatever activity you choose, one thing is for sure: it will be the perfect day to discover Corfu's natural beauties! Then it’s time to get glammed up and get ready for the Awards Night: we’ll have a typical Greek dinner, celebrate our summer, reward the best Coordinators and then… time to party!


An easy Sunday and an early Monday

After spending the night dancing, singing and having fun, what's better than a Yoga Class at the beach? It will be the perfect way to recharge our batteries and find inner peace. After lunch, it will be Round 2 for the activities that you picked before getting to Corfu - we know that the “Please let me sleep” option is tempting, but please remember that Corfu has a lot to offer, so we suggest you seize the day! We’ll then meet again at the beach for the last sunset, have dinner and spend the night together. On Monday morning we say goodbye to WeRoad Island and to each other (sad face).

We’ll never stop: the show is always on!

The activities you can choose to do

Relax with a twist

Perfect if you are looking to relax on the beach near Paleokastritsa but you also don’t mind some adrenaline with some diving.

Fancy SPA

Natural mud masks, some relax in Sidari and then a little swim to the Canal d’Amour? We got you.


A little bit of activity… but not too much? How about an easy hike and kayaking to Porto Timoni? Sounds appealing, right? (available only on Saturday)

Bear Grylls

This option is for our Ironmen: you have to choose between a 2, 3 or 4 hours trekking. It’s up to you - and your hangover skills!

Please let me sleep

You feel like doing pretty much anything? Sunbathing in Glyfadaa and waiting for sunset in Pazuzu is for you. (available only on Sunday)