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1500 characters to describe me are far too few to really understand my personality, but I will try to do it anyway! I am very enthusiastic of whatever I do... And believe me, I do many things. My first passion is sport. I love adrenaline, extreme sports, and fitness in general. I am studying to become a yoga teacher, and one of my biggest dreams is to open a surf/yoga school in Bali (who knows, maybe we could create a yoga/surf-oriented WeRoadX there?). My second hobby is music. I love listening and playing music. I played for 9 years the drums (I love rock music!) and for 4 the piano. One of my favourite bands is Biffy Clyro (I am sure you don't know who they are. But if you do, I want to know you NOW!). In everyday life, I am working as a consultant in London; actually, I just moved there. I still work, as a second job, for an IT company as a business developer and Cyber Security specialist (no, I am not a hacker.... yet!). Moreover, I offer English online lessons to students. In my free time (when I have it), I obviously LOVE travelling (otherwise I won't be here!). Since when I was a child, I am used to travel the world and live in many different countries. I lived in all the Countries I speak the language: Italy (where I was born), Spain (where I au paired), the UK (where I am living) and Russia (yes… I speak Russian and I lived for a period with a Russian Babushka). Do you have more questions about me? I would love to meet you! Hope to do it very soon.