Stefano Bertolini

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HR business partner in a multinational company, my daily goal is to improve people's lives by facilitating the activities they do during the day. For work and pleasure my role as a facilitator occupies me h24 and reflects my values of respect, cooperation, empathy and sincere loyalty. I am a sportsman born and raised in the Karate gym and in 25 and 50-meter pools, now, however, I devote myself to outdoor activities from skiing to hiking (I love the mountains ⛰️ ❤️‍🔥), I train in the gym and for years I have been doing Muay Thai, Thai boxing. I have a degree in Philosophy and love to read more. The time (always too little) I carve out for reading satisfies me like little else in the world, makes me able to see worlds with the power of words. For that matter, I am a great believer in words and the use of them, which are essential for communicating and conveying emotions to those around us.I strongly believe that if we were all able to communicate effectively, we would be much happier than we already are. Ah, happiness is my life's purpose, to live happily and make people happy to have relationships with me. I love this world precisely because it allows us to make our contribution to the social relationships around us, as well as for the wonderful natural and cultural vistas that Mother Nature and human culture have given us. I look forward to continuing to travel the world together with people I will love to meet! See you around the world!🌎