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Roberto Adami

Vive a Rome
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Hi! I'm Roberto, a Rome-based travel coordinator with a passion for adventure. I love snowboarding and, in my free time, I work as a vocalist and DJ. I'm always on the move across Europe, exploring new places and cultures. I'm also a devoted AS Roma fan and an ultras supporter. I enjoy mingling in different situations and crashing at various places, so if there's room, I'm more than happy to work remotely. I've been traveling around Europe since I was 22, visiting amazing destinations like Corfu, Barcelona, London, and Zagreb, among others. I hold an electronic engineering degree from La Sapienza University. Now, I'm in search of new adventures and eager to explore all the wonders of the world, including long-haul journeys. My motto is "ESKERE, let’s get it," which reflects my approach to overcoming challenges and embracing life head-on. I thrive on diving into new experiences! My favorite song is "Domani ci Passa" by Ludwig, and I always sing along to the chorus, "meglio ubriachi che Adami."