Michela Musto

Vive a Naples
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I am an architect, creative, curious, compulsive traveller. I love the stars, the nights on the beach and the noise of the sea. I like meeting different people and going beyond my comfort zone. Truck driver level, I have participated in challenging rallies, regattas and treks to say the least. Currently based in Naples, lived in London (UK), Tehran (Ir), Curitiba (Br), Paris (Fr), Bologna. I love sports, sleepless nights for good causes, horseback riding and laughing until you cry. I am joyful and adventurous, patient up to a certain point, pragmatic, problem solver and...definitely an excellent travel companion. Never learned to pack small and not to wear heels when traveling, next to Birkenstocks they look great. I dream of a life with a sea view, perhaps from a camper that allows me to travel forever.