Lorenzo Marrai

Vive a Leghorn
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Ciao! I’m Lorenzo, I’m 35 years old and I was born in Livorno. I have an irresistible attraction for foreign countries and for different culture. Since I was a child I had the chance to travel and I never stopped. After I studied International Relationship at the University of Siena I worked in Democratic Republic of Congo for over one year, for a company contractor for the UN, and recently I spent six month in Haiti, managing a project for the reconstruction of some schools. Since 2019 I’m working for an Italian foundation called Dynamo Camp, a recreational therapy camp which host children with pathologies, as group coordinator. Talking about travel the last one I did was in Uzbekistan, because I wanted to see Samarcanda and a part of the Silk Road. The best travel was maybe in Turkey, which I could explore the south of the country backpacking and through the wise guide of a Turkish friend. Here I’m in Weroad where I wish to continue traveling and to get trilled by new adventures again.