Giuseppe Modestino

Vive a Milan
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My name is Giuseppe Modestino. I am 29 years old and I came from Lucera, a little town in the south of Italy. I graduated in economics and statistics at the University of Bologna and at the moment I am working as a data analyst in the bank sector for an international company and I live in Milan. During my studies and my working period I never forget my passion for travelling and photography. In fact during the second university year I took part to the Erasmus project, going in Cordoba where I learn Spanish. It was the most important experience in my life. That experience changed my life and I developed the wanderlust. We travelled with ESN especially in Andalusia. So when I have money I always travel. My last travel was in Lanzarote, where I descover the beauty of the Canary island. I’d so happy of being a Weroad coordinator to enrich my cultural background and discover new places, bringing my experiences and my passion enriching your company. I studied photography in a cultural asscociation, and I have a canon m-50 camera and a 24-70 mm lens. I am a cinema enthusiast and i am an aspiring critic and screenwriter. I am a football fan too, and I worked as a refree for many years,