Gabriele Bellocchi

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I am currently R&D Sr. Engineer. My main interest lies in applying my skills, competencies, and multidisciplinary approach to innovation and technology, but it has been a challenging journey to get here. I have always been driven by curiosity which means getting to know, and learning something new, different, that you're not familiar with. I decided to nurture my curiosity by studying physics and getting a Ph.D. I loved the opportunity to understand nature and apply what I have learnt to find new questions and ideas. After exploring different research fields in physics, I finally hit my groove with materials science. I decided to pursue a Master’s in Open Innovation and Intellectual Property to bridge the gap between the outcomes of academic results and real-world applications in industrial contexts. I believe technology can help us to live in a better world, but to me, technology is not enough. I think that a human-centric approach is needed. I’m spending my time serving in the Red Cross, where I had different roles as Vice President and Chief of Innovation. I nurture my curiosity also traveling … along all the more than 40 countries visited I have been twice in Kyrgyzstan…if you wanna to know why let’s keep in touch