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Hi everyone! My name is Francesco Taddia, I’am thirty years old and I’am from Bologna. I’am freelance pysiotherapist. I work in my own clinic and I’am a professor at the University of Bologna. I’am very active people. I love sports and I practice different one. I practice Futsal, tennis and sometimes I go to the gym, but when the weather is good, I practice kitesurfing and skiing. I am sociable and I like being in the company. I'm always happy to know new people and make friends. I like listening music. In my playlist I've different genres and more than 3000 song saved. I also like reading especially thriller books. I love traveling, find out new places, new cultures. I like adventure, adrenaline, and be in harmony with nature. “I’m in love with cities I’ve never visited and people I’ve never met”. I think that this sentence represent my thought very well. I'am very exited to join Weeroad family!!