Francesco Samuel Croci

Vive a Poggibonsi
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I'm Francesco, I was born in Italy but in my veins Argentinian blood flows. I speak fluently Spanish and English. I live in Poggibonsi, a small city in Tuscany between Florence and Siena. I enjoy eating good food and good wines ( I'm a Sommelier), but at the same time I want to live a healthy life doing lots of sport; in fact, I'm a football player since I was 6 years old and I love going to the gym taking care of my body. If my friends should describe me with 5 words, they would say: brave, friendly, positive, sport lover and of course a crazy guy. I love living my life following good vibes and staying with people who share my same ideas. Every time I get back home after a trip, what I'm sure is the fact that it helped me growing under different points, opening my mind and fulfilling my cultural "luggage". My first big adventure was when I moved to New York for six months in 2014, studying English and working as bartender in Soho street. After that, i visited the country that for the moment is still the best trip ever: Thailandia. Then, I have been to Kenya, Cuba, Miami, Bali, Zanzibar, Las Vegas, Dubai, and many other places in Europe but there are still many destinations to discover and I'm sure that Weroad is the right way to make this possible.