Federico Amarena

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I am Federico a youngster of Lucan origins located in Torino from more than 10 years. In my working life I am an electrical engineer operating into researching and development of automotive sector mainly in touch with premium and luxury vehicles. As engineer profile I am not so squared, but I would rather define myself as a curios and determinate person, certainly a discovery lover. I like sociality and typically I use to participate or organize any kind of activities (aperitif, beach volley, escape room, travels, and so on) with random unknown people with the aim of meeting and getting to know new guys, getting in touch with their different realities and stories. I am more an adventure type than relaxation one; I prefer the mountains to the sea, landscapes and historical places to museums. Travel around the world is my dream, looking for adrenaline and emotions. Skiing and Caribbean dancing are my best favorite hobbies; and in general, I like land physical activity such as trekking, cycling and so on.