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Federica Rossi

Vive a Milan
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Ciao reader! Nice to meet you, hope everything is going great for you. If it's not, rest assured, it will! Let me tell you a bit about me. I'm 25 (and a half!) years old, born in Naples, currently living in Milan after spending three wonderful university years in Bologna. In my day by day, I work as an account/project manager for a creative agency. So I basically manage the team and the process towards some of the (hopefully) cool communication campaigns you see on your devices. I love coordinating and delivering valuable experiences so much, I decided to start managing group trips all over the world as well! When I'm not working or crunching miles discovering new corners of the world, I enjoy dancing (hip hop), cooking, listening to nerdy podcasts or reading essays on a wide variety of topics. And lastly, if you're here and I'm here, we probably have something in common: we love exploring, discovering, daring and meeting new people. I would love to know how it all started for you. For me, it was a post-high school gap year driven by the indecisiveness on what to do with my life. So what better way of finding out than packing your stuff and going to find out what's out there? I discovered the beauty of relating yourself to new places, cultures and people through three key experiences: London, Los Angeles, Seoul. Hope you enjoyed your flash trip into Fede's universe. Many more adventures to come and share with fellow travelers thanks to WeRoad. Stay tuned!