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Eva Pianca

Vive a Cordignano
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Again, I was born in Italy, in Vittorio Veneto which is a town not far from Treviso. I’ve always lived here with my family, until when I was 18 I moved to London for a year. That has been my first solo travel and I’ve never stopped since then. I used to work as a waitress there, and after a while I came back to Italy to study foreign languages and cultures, in Padua. I’ve also spent a year in Birmingham, thanks to the Erasmus program. The time I've spent abroad has taught me the most about life and about myself. Travelling is a challenging adventure in which I learn, I grow, I discover and experience life and the world in many different forms. This feeling makes me feel alive every time when travelling. I think travelling is much more than moving around the world, and that’s why I’m here with the community. In addition to this, I have many hobbies - and a full time job but let’s talk about the good stuff. I love dogs and I’m mom of a mini dachshund; one of my favourite things is walking with him in the nature, especially at the seaside or in the woods. Also, I am a fitness coach and I always do my best to try as many experiences as possible such as different sports or activities. Overall I am a very active person, I don’t have a Netflix account, I don’t have a couch, I don’t watch TV, I move a lot I stay active and I alway try to get the most out of my time and feel happy, even tho tired, at the end of the day.
agosto 2024
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