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I was born in Lecce at the end of ‘80s and I’m the eldest of 3 sisters. This affected me in two ways: I’m addicted to the sea and I’m used to share almost everything…except ice cream because I’m too greedy of it! I love to play sports, especially martial arts: I’m a “fighter” since I was 5, and 10 years ago I’ve reached the greatest results of my career. I’m graduated in neurobiology, and during the years of university I could live in several beautiful cities like Perugia, Napoli and Rome. After my graduation I moved to Paris, where I lived for 2 years learning French and trying to find a way to become a researcher in neurobiology field. But I decided to give up in 2017 (because of the lack of grants) and I came back in Italy, where I’ve started to work for a pharmaceutical company as sales representative. This job has been my life for 5 of the lasts 6 years, because in June 2022 I’ve resigned and finally left for THE TRIP (in solo) of my life: I was dreaming the South America from years! I’ve spent 7 months around Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil, coming back just 2 days before the magic boot camp that allows me to become a WeRoad Coordinator!! So now I’m ready to leave again …with you! P.S. I have also a motorhome where I will live for the next months :))
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