Angelina Scarpino

Vive a Milan
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Hello, I'm Angelina and I have been living in Milan for about 10 years now and I am originally from Biella. I believe that spontaneity is the key to success for each one of us, just like a smile is our business card. I have been lucky enough to travel and discover different places in the world, creating bonds with the land and its people. I love food, humanity, travel, explore, nature and sharing every moments with everyone... I work as a freelance Illustrator Graphic designer and I am passionate about plants, drawing and photography. There is no place that can be encapsulated in a single image, therefore, our eyes are the most precious camera we possess, and in this case, the camera is a tool that helps us remember and create a cloud that we always carry with us to relive that moment or experience. Be yourself and don't forget to smile is the essence of the happiness.