Alessandra Gandolfo

Vive a Monza
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Hello everyone! I'm Alessandra, a 25-year-old from Monza. Recently, I completed my studies in Management of Innovation and Technology at Bocconi University. Right now, I'm enjoying my free time before I start working for Amazon in September. Sports, especially skiing, are my true passion. I find great joy in being on the slopes, which is why I also work as a ski instructor. However, I dedicate my time to teaching skiing exclusively during the winter festivities. One aspect of my personality is always seeking new experiences. I believe they allow me to meet new people and expose myself to unfamiliar realities, opening my eyes to different perspectives. I have a strong curiosity that drives me to explore the unknown and grow as an individual. This is why i have a strong attraction for travelling in new places and exploring the world. Graduating from Bocconi University in the field of Management of Innovation and Technology has equipped me with the skills to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. This academic background enables me to approach innovative projects and technological advancements with confidence.